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Enhanced State Affiliate Agreement

In receipt of the Enhanced Affiliation dues, the State Society may/will:

  1. Promote itself as an affiliate of the Clinical Social Work Association and the Association in turn may declare the (society) as an affiliate.
  2. Direct the president (or designee) to participate in the affiliated society president’s email list serve. The intent of this list serve is to provide a mechanism for communication by and between society presidents to promote their respective societies and the profession at large.
  3. Direct the president (or designee) at the request of a majority of affiliated state presidents, to participate in an annual meeting. The purpose of this meeting would be to promote clinical and organizational collaboration between societies. The CSWA would be responsible for soliciting participation and providing the administrative organization of this meeting; each participating society would be responsible for the expense of their representative and a portion of the meeting overhead.
  4. Retain five (5) hours of consultation/legislation review with the CSWA Director of Government Relations, Laura Groshong. Additional hours may be contracted for at $100 per hour (non affiliated rate - $150 per hour) or at a negotiated flat fee per project.
  5. Receive national alerts, the quarterly Advocate Alert for the Government Relations Director and additional related information. This information may be disseminated to the society at large with proper attribution to the CSWA.
  6. Collaborate with the editor of ACCESS the CSWA newsletter regarding matters concerning the publication of the society’s newsletter. Additionally the (society) may reprint articles from this year’s ACCESS in the society’s newsletter.
  7. Direct its members to the CSWA Hotline for legal consultation pertaining to practice issues.
  8. Consult with the Executive Committee and/or other CSWA Board members on matters related to organizational structure, membership development, education, clinical concerns or other matters pertaining to the advancement of the (society) and clinical social work.

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